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πŸ’₯ EXPLOSIVE Unveiling!! πŸ’₯ | Glitch Girl | #1 | Episode : Choose Your Story (πŸ’Ž w/ Acting)

Choices Stories You Play Glitch

Choices Stories You Play Glitch

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Hello Fantastic People! πŸ€—

Welcome to the very first Episode of #EpisodeChooseYourStory’s #GlitchGirlπŸŒ€ written by Joesph Evans as well as brought to life together with voice-over by me #MarklesπŸ’–

❇️ The author Joseph Evans as well as I did not work together on together with the story, or any stories he has made, I was given permission to record a voice-over as well as reactions to the story for your entertainment, Enjoy! ❇️ πŸ˜„

You may discover out additional about Joseph on his Instagram @JosephCEvans or you may use together with the link to go to his YouTube channel, as well as of course you may discover him by his name as well as read all of the stories he created on the Episode : Choose Your Story App! πŸ“–

In together with the episode our character Grace as well as her Grandmother are about to intend the unveiling of a new set of robotic police as well asroids, set to protect the city against the dangers of the world, thanks to our resident super hero finally retiring, but things are not as they seem whenever something goes horribly wrong! But is that before or after we meet the cutest guy EVER!?! 😧

I guess you’ll just have to watch as well as see! This is a story you do not wish to miss! 😊

❇️ I wonder what Grace will do now?? This episode ended together with such a cliffhanger!! I promise to have the next episode up together within the next couple days, as I have new Scream & Love Island coming up! So, be certain to like as well as get your intention if you enjoy my videos, take care everyone! πŸ’– ❇️
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