Choices Hack

Exploit Choices

Choices Exploit

Choices Exploit

Keys and Diamonds Hack

Very first studio sample. Everyone please give a feedback

Lyrics to the song:

Intro- theres always a time for your true self, as well as together with the is my way of expressing myself. So let’s have it, yo

Stress level to the max/
I’d rather have stabbed together with a led pencil in the back/
Only way to stay tamed is putting the Devil in my raps/
Cause it’s the easiest way to speak my mind, some bars might be a reach but I fix my mistakes over time, can’t even laugh/
That’s how messed up I am in together with the life, I’m God gifted as well as together with the is the most comfortable way I can fight, like I’m ready to snap/
An think twice, how to acquire strength in my link of ice, I’m done together with together with the crap/
Always testing to act/
Nice! Got so most jabs/
To rock the mic, together with. If my brain didn’t go half/
To decide the development as well as acquire the ability developing rhymes, I would have already died, but thank God for which/
An for my past/
Few years in the game been despite, for different clans/
Now my idea’s are striking, new strategys/
An it’s odd for a white guy, out of Newfoundland/
To decide on using a mic/
This music is my life, as well as I’m not a new strain/
The influence always feels nice, I’ll always understand/
The exploit choices for different people to entice, the man/

I’m begining from the bottom/
Bargaining as a part model/
It’s exploit choices!

Now I’ve made it together with the far, just crawling from the dark, place I got stuck/
Gonna have scars, I got my face cut/
I begin, sprawling these bars, I have faith but/
When I take a part, in together with the place I’ll erupt/
My tool is sharp, I create art, thanks to the Lord above/
Now it’s a steak knife in the heart, that’s why my fights are always hard, I didn’t think together with the life would have been rough/
Now I came to together with the part, to avoid writing diss bars, seeing my own point of why I’ve always wished for tough/
An I can’t seem to discover a guide to make me more smart, so it’s the reason why I now discard, anyone who tries to show me love/
I just wait for the spark, to enlarge, to know which my music is going to make me a buck/
No love, but its hate which supports me stay above/
My game, dressed in shrubs/
I escalate, when I write bars, as well as yall march to the subs/

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