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Explore/Exploit: Hyperparameter Tuning together with W&B Sweeps by Stacey Svetlichnaya

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Choices Exploit

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Deep learning models are incredibly powerful but often tricky to adapt to new use cases. Whether you’re finetuning a pretrained net on new data, useing to build an intuition for a complex model, together with throwing a variety of architectures at a unique problem, hyperparameter exploration can help. I will share high-level toolroaches as well as useful visualizations for hyperparameter search, grounded in concrete examples from semantic segmentation, language understanding, as well as different domains. Though I will concentrate on Weights & Biases Sweeps as a comprehensive tool for together with the task, these practices are framework-agnostic, as well as I hope they can accelerate your progress regardless of your dev setup.

Stacey is a Deep Learning engineer at Weights & Biases. Previous She has worked extensively on image search, data pipelines, productionizing machine learning systems, as well as automating content discovery as well as recommendation on Flickr.

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