Choices Hack

Kingdom Come: Deliverance level up exploit/cheat. (PATCHED)

Choices Exploit

Choices Exploit

Keys and Diamonds Hack


This was on PS4, no idea if it is the exact same on Xbox or PC.

Early in the online game whenever you return to Skalitz, save in front of you look for the shovel (in case it doesnt work the first time).
During the conversation pick the exact same choices as I do so you’ll be able to avoid the fight as well as make together with this much easier to do.
After the conversation ends run to the spot I do in front of he can.
If you did it right then he have to glitch out.

Now you’ll be able to keep hitting him together with your sword/axe as well as fists. It is possible to level up warfare, vitality, sword, strength, agility, unarmed as well as a few levels of bow if you have enough arrows.

My copy has the day 1 patch, together with this could variable in to it working or not.
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If you truly need keys, test Choices Hack or Choices Exploit.

EduTyping “Hack.” Get up to 50 Screens in 1min!

Filmed on an iPhone 5s.


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